The earliest recored date of Farmersville is back in the 1850's where there was a little community called Deep Creek which was located near the now Deep Creek Cemetery. There are even headstones at the cemetery that even date back to the 1850's.

Many residents that inhabited east side of the county would travel down Visalia Rd to get there daily necessities. The trip would actually be to long and the travelers would stop just south of the present day Farmersville to rest after a long day of traveling. This lead to T.J. Brundage opening up a post office in 1868 so that eastern residents had a reason to stop in Farmersville. After that this gained more traffic to Farmersville which lead it to grow. Even till this day the small town of Farmersville is still growing. With it having five schools in the city it makes for a perfect place to raise a family.